Redefining Leadership

Episode 1
We kick off our Podcast challenging old assumptions about leadership.

What are your assumptions about leadership? Do you even consider yourself a leader?

Society has defined leadership and there are TONS of unspoken and ingrained assumptions around the word and what it means. In this first episode, we meet Stephanie and Maren and lay the foundation for flipping the paradigm and redefining leadership

We no longer live in the world that gave us these ‘rules’ and ‘assumptions’, yet we still live by them. What are the inner qualities of a Leader? Could being a great role model for your community or child be considered a leader?  Where do we begin to make the changes needed, and why is it important?

Stephanie and Maren discuss these questions, and more, and leave you with a couple of empowering questions for YOU to consider at the end.

  • Meet Stephanie & Maren (1:02)
  • What is the outdated, old-guard leadership, how is it keeping us stuck and why is it important to address now?  (3:32)
  • Outer world success and its relationship to inner leadership (4:20)
  • Don’t do as I do, do as I say (8:50)
  • The hard path of ego leadership (11:15)
  • What if there was an easier way? (13:45)