Differing Opinions

What happens when your opinion differs from your team, your boss, your friend, your spouse? Is it a different response in private than it is in public?  

For leaders at any level, this is critical.

Do you default to conflict, judgment, silent disapproval? Or is there room to listen, explore, accept and discover?

This week Maren and Stephanie expose a difference of opinion that happened during last week’s podcast. They take the time to talk through the myriad of challenges that come up when there are two (or more) opposing points of view, PLUS they each give practical exercises that they use in their own lives. 

Some of the highlights include:

  • The dance that happens when we disagree
  • Public and private responses
  • How to get better at holding multiple perspectives
  • The Dali Lama’s pole
  • The key to peace, service and evolving
  • Cleaning your mind and emotions (in addition to your teeth & body) to make space
  • Transcending 'either/or' and moving to 'both/and'
  • Practices from both Maren & Stephanie

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