17: Right Ladder, Wrong Wall

Have you ever felt like you worked REALLY hard to climb the ladder only to find that it was leaning against the wrong wall?  What then?

Do you get into the “who’s to blame” or “I failed” or “why didn’t I” game? What if it was absolutely perfect and climbing that ladder was necessary to set you up for your next adventure?

Stephanie calls those moments of potential regret ‘divine irritants’. We can push them away, blame and shame, or we can find, and embrace the divine gift.  

As soulful leaders, we are being called to create a new way of being on this planet. This week, Maren and Stephanie address this elephant in the room – divine irritants- and how look at them differently. 

Some additional fun tidbits include: 

  • The field beyond right doing and wrong doing
  • The metaphor of the Square reader
  • Walt Disney going bankrupt 18 times
  • Flow in business and in movement
  • Being in the next iteration of your life

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