23: Lessons from Sable Island

What we create in this world has a further-reaching impact than we realize.  Much further.

As leaders, it’s our moment – to not only grasp the magnitude but to begin our personal shift to a more conscious way of being – to claim the positive impact is our birthright. 

Maren & Stephanie recently had the opportunity of a lifetime: to spend a day on a protected, one-of-a-kind island in the Atlantic – Sable Island. In addition to the wild horses, grey seals and hundreds of species of birds, they experienced a micro-ecosystem that is simultaneously beautifully fragile and incredibly robust and vibrant.  

Such a location is a gold mine – to science, to nature, and to humankind.

The journey left both Stephanie and Maren in awe… and very introspective. In today’s podcast, they share their insights – inner and outer; their new friend Zoe (the magical steward of the island for the past 50 years) AND a truly unique challenge in the last 3 minutes of the podcast.

Today’s podcast is very close to our hearts and we’d really love to hear from you about all of it. 

  • How did it impact you? 
  • What did you learn?
  •  And especially what the discoveries you’d like to share with Zoe?

To see images and video from the trip, visit our Facebook Group: The Soulful Leader. https://www.facebook.com/groups/235904424893739

If you’d like more information on Zoe, Sable Island and the amazing work that’s being done there, please visit www.SableIslandInstitute.org.

If you are interested in traveling to Sable Island, contact Fred @ Kattuk Expeditions

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