29: New Year Reset: Done Differently

You are ready for a NEW WAY to reset yourself and create a truly transformative 2022 – for yourself (as a soulful leader) and for your team.

We are at a collective pause, a moment to press the reset button, and it's time to do it differently.

~  Are you tired of being caught in the rat race of goal setting and needing to do more? 
~  Are you frustrated doing the same thing and experiencing the same results? 
~  Have you had enough of feeling like you are not 'enough'? 

Then today's podcast will be a breath of fresh air.  Maren & Stephanie briefly discuss how the old way of approaching each new year often results in frustrations, anxiety and loss of self-trust.  Each of them then shares one of their unique, successful 'new year' practices that empower, uplift and create real, lasting results. 

Here are some highlights:

  • New Year's Resolutions set us up for failure
  • Connecting with your Future, Ideal self
  • Increasing Productivity and Effectiveness by doing LESS 
  • Presence and unlearning
  • 99.9% of you wants to bolt, what now?
  • Making space for the beauty, joy and abundance that is waiting for you

Listen in and then join the conversation!



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