31: Best of 2021: Healthy Boundaries

Out of our 28 podcasts last year, the most listened-to leadership episode was our one on Healthy Boundaries.

Setting up a new way of being CAN'T happen without taking a look at the standards and boundaries behind your habits …so our most popular 2021 leadership podcast is actually a very timely one as well.

We know you'll get even more out of this, now, as you are looking forward into a new year and a new you.

As leaders, your time and expertise are in high demand. Clear boundaries are the key to evolving yourself and achieving your goals. Do you feel stuck where you are? 

The successful person you admire so much has very different boundaries than you do.

Stephanie and Maren discuss: 

  • what goes into creating good boundaries
  • creating boundaries to foster self-care instead of building walls of fear
  • how to decide when (and how) to bend or break your boundaries 
  • setting boundaries for your future, badass self to allow you to more easily reach your goals

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