33: Do Less AND Increase Your Capacity

We don't even see it. We are in the hole and can't tell we are there.

High achievers. Go-getters. Pushers. We do, do, do until we are fried, and then do some more. Until we can't. Until some part of us breaks – our marriage, our relationships, our health, our sanity.

There is another way. It seems improbable because we're taught that this is 'just the way it's done'. It's been modeled for us. Others have paved the way, they show us the proof of their success. 

They don't show us the cost they paid.

Stephanie and Maren out the lie and talk about the inner aspect of leadership; the part that creates 97% of our world. Did you know that what you 'do' in the outer world accounts for only 3% of what happens? And yet we keep pouring our energy into go, go, go, do, do, do. 

A few highlights from this episode:

  • Leadership from the inside out
  • The Backpack of Life
  • 'What you are seeking is seeking you' ~ Rumi
  • 4 Ways of Getting Answers
  • Your Inner Roto-Rooter
  • Acknowledge to Resolve
  • The 5 Step Question Process

Maren and Stephanie also share one of the tools they use, Finding Your Genius. The Genius Quiz is a free test that is accessible on Maren's Website and/or Stephanie's Website. It's great support for leaders looking to really Find their Flow and live in their Zone of Genius.

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