38: Living A Congruent Life – Connie Fisher Shares Her Secrets

Have you ever felt like your outer success is not congruent with your inner longings? Are you trapped in a role, or position that doesn't match how you feel inside?

Today's special guest, Connie Fisher, felt like that and instead of staying trapped in her success, she shifted every aspect of her life and sought the inner abundance for which she longed. 

Connie has had many incarnations as a leader in her lifetime: a leading female executive running an international company; owner of private practice counseling & coaching business; adult educator/trainer/lecturer; educator/leader in post secondary education, spiritual seeker mentor, and mom.

Her story is fascinating… and inspiring.

This three-way conversation between Stephanie, Maren and Connie dives deep into Connie's transitions and how she found the 'elusive' things that we all seek – both outwardly and inwardly. Explore love, abundance, kindness and humor, and most importantly, congruency within yourself with today's heart-full guest.

A few highlights:

  • Going from profound outer success to seeking an inner life
  • The space to meet AND recognize love  
  • Globe-trotting, California, Hong Kong and rural Nova Scotia
  • Tips to get started on a spiritual path
  • The incessant compulsion to be busy, and its antidote
  • A 'lightening-up' practice for leaders who are hard on themselves
  • The role of kindness …and coaches

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