39: Matt Damon, Kintsugi & A Set of Dishes

“It has to be perfect!” 
How many times has your inner voice chided you with that, or some version of it? How often has it kept you from finishing something, or even starting it?

Perfection can be overwhelming for leaders. The buck stops with you, so does the judgment… AND the pressure. It seems like there are only two options, both completely toxic: 

  1. take it on yourself (consuming and eating at you)  
  2. pass it on to those around you (diminishing them, or worse) 


So how do you change this dance? How do you create a win/win? While there are multiple possible ways, means and layers to this, today's podcast takes you through a powerful process that starts by redefining the word 'perfection'.

Maren and Stephanie take on this loaded topic with both  joy and enthusiasm, and meander lightly with movies, pottery, Leonard Cohen, and stories of cherished dishes. In the end, they deliver a powerful outcome: gained energy, connection and attraction PLUS embraced imperfections.

Where are you being stopped by your 'imperfections' and what's the internal shift that will change the whole dynamic?
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