Is Your Comfort Zone Killing You?

When there’s something that’s calling you (i.e. you want something), every issue or challenge between you and that thing will come up. It’s so that you grow as a person and evolve as a human, and it can suck.

You get stuck. Overwhelmed. Frustrated.

You feel like you’ve done something wrong.

And it’s easy to get pulled off track. Either pushing through with force -at the expense of relationships, health, etc., or giving up.

There is another option and Stephanie and Maren explore this discussion with depth and passion. What is our comfort zone and how does it work against us? How do we navigate and NOT get stuck? There are answers, and TONS of gifts along the way…

Here are a few highlights:

  • leadership attitude: you can make it easy or make it hard
  • growth happens at the far point of equilibrium
  • acknowledge it and it no longer has power over you
  • the gift of fear
  • love and kindness can reveal whole new directions
  • working the muscle of embracing the unknown
  • the dragon is holding the treasure
  • tackling one thing  expands your whole world
  • Einstein’s imaginal experiments
  • beginner’s luck
  • breaking the ‘I’ve done something wrong’ habit
  • surprise and delight

As always, we want to hear from YOU!

  • What do you do when fear comes up?
  • How do you tackle it?

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