58: Navigating Needs and Wants

We don’t give much thought to the difference between needs and wants. We often lump them together. Yet they are significantly different and understanding that difference will change the way you live, and the way you lead.

     Humility – asking for what you need instead of manipulating people to get what we want      
     – from The Big Red Book ACoA

Maren and Stephanie start off by covering the difference between the two and discussing how to make space in your own life to know for yourself. As usual, they use plenty of great examples that put, you, the listener right in the middle of the conversation.

If you’ve ever:

  • wanted something FOR someone else (client, team member, spouse) so badly that you could taste it
  • wanted something FROM someone (client, team member, spouse) and were disappointed
  • thought that you REALLY needed something, but got something else and realized it was better than what you said you wanted
  • been challenged in working with a team member of any sort…

THIS podcast is for you. 

You may not want to hear it, but that’s your ego telling you that you know what’s best. The ‘silo’ mentality- disengaged from the flow of life (I know what’s best, I’ll just do it myself, it needs to be done my way, etc) -is what we are taught, and it has a very high cost

The good news is, Stephanie shares an amazing 3 step practice from St. Francis of Assisi to get out ego and into alignment with life, and spirit, and right timing for all involved.

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