62: From Head to Heart w/Wanda Davis

Are you ready to completely change your work life? From the old, oppressive, controlling, stressful way of working, to work with a ‘why’, work with meaning and purpose?

Then today’s podcast, AND learning why a children’s book is important for humans, is for you!  What can a leader learn from a children’s book, and why is it critical now?

That’s what we discover in today’s podcast as we dive deeply into a different way of being, both in the world and at work, with author, speaker and coach Wanda Davis.

Stephanie and Maren were honored to interview her about her recently released children’s book, From Head to Heart, and their discussion went deeply into topics that impact people of all ages, and are essential for leaders.

If you thought that children’s books were only for children, this is an enlightening podcast.  Taking the 18” journey from our heads to our hearts and getting aligned with our gifts and strengths and our passions and our values, completely changes our work… from the old, oppressive, controlling, stressful way of working, to work with a ‘why’, work with meaning and purpose.

A few highlights from today’s episode:

  • Honoring BOTH the left and right sides of the brain
  • Divers and scanners
  • Finding wellness beyond the physical
  • Teaching youth (and adults) about looking within
  • The journey from your head to your heart
  • Getting back to living the vibrancy of life
  • The power of a children’s book as a tool for healing
  • Compressed timelines

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Find more information about Wanda and order her book: www.WandaDavis.ca


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