65: From Rigidity to Flow: Breaking Up the Concrete that Keeps us Stuck

Do you ever get so stuck you’re not sure where to turn? As leaders, it’s easy to feel the need to have the answers …and then we feel like we have to defend our position, we dig in! That never feels good, and rarely works out well.

Today’s podcast explores what it could mean to wait and explore multiple answers, putting more energy into the quest than into a right-now, concrete, one-and-done answer. Our culture has taught us to value having the ‘right’ answer instead of investing time into deeply exploring the question and going beyond the quick fix. 

Einstein is reported to have said that if he only had one hour to solve a problem he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and the remaining 5 minutes solving it. Today, we’re taught to immediately go to the solving. We're lucky if we spend five minutes exploring the problem before we’re expected to provide possible answers.

How does this connect to flow? 

That’s the exciting part that Maren & Stephanie explore this week with anecdotes, detours and fun stories. Including the story of Stephanie’s client who ended up with twice the income and half the work and the rowing story that busts the myth that working 24/7 is better

Join them for this engaging exploration all the above plus:

  • Breaking out of the ‘quick fix’ cultural conditioning to find beauty, joy, abundance and space
  • What is active surrender and why does it matter
  • Remembering that we are conditioned (see Ep 60 w/Shelly Cooper)
  • Creating space for ‘rest in the mind’ which equals serenity
  • The most productive recovery to activity ratio is three (rest/recovery) to one (pushing)


Ep 60 Cultivating True Freedom w/Shelly Cooper

How did you do with your un-learing this week?

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