67: Three Questions That Will Change Your Life w/Daniel Goodenough & Jill Taylor

Your life's impact is calling you and it's THE most important conversation you’ll ever have.

Today, Maren & Stephanie have the honor of interviewing their teacher, mentor and coach of 20+ years Daniel Goodenough along with fellow traveler and business transformer, Jill Taylor. 

Daniel knew why he was on this planet before he was three years old, to help others wake up to, and find their life mission. His vision is a world in which every person who wants to know their ‘why’, their life mission, will have a resource within reach.

We have forgotten the errand of the one that sent us. Our culture is lost and our civilization is calling us to wake up. You know it. You feel it. It’s time.

As poet and mystic Rumi says “It would be as if a king sent you to a village on a specific mission. If you went and performed a hundred other tasks, but neglected to accomplish the task for which you were sent, it would be as though you had done nothing.”

Stepping up to the conversation about your life mission is the single most important thing you will do in your life.

We hope you will join us for this powerful, engaging conversation where you'll learn the three questions that will change your life.

Daniel shares his wisdom about life mission and how it is related to vision, purpose, and passion. Jill shares her experience of changing corporate America by taking the life mission conversation into the world of business.

This is a whole new paradigm, personally and professionally.  This is nothing short of changing everything.

If your heart knows that there is something more, something beyond the mundane. If you are feeling called to living your all-lit-up, fully-alive Life. You will LOVE today’s podcast.

Life Mission I Class
– starts October 26th, a weekly program for eight weeks, visit TheHuPersonProject.com for more information


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