68: The Place Beyond Mastery

Do you ever feel tossed and turned like a small vessel on the waves of the ocean? Then you’ll want to listen in! Stephanie and Maren go into practices that take you beyond the surface of life into the depth and the meaning, into the joy and peace, into the love and the oneness.

This episode is profound beyond words and the deep sweetness of it will touch your soul. How do you invite spirit in? What does that mean in the ‘doing’ of our lives?

Follow along as, among other things, Stephanie shares a poignant story from 10th grade and Maren ties the musical mastery of John Coltrane into your everyday life.

The questions and practices at the end of this episode are particularly powerful. We hope you’ll share your insights with us in one of our communities.

As a side note – this episode was recorded before last week’s podcast with Daniel & Jill. Maren mentions ‘hoping Daniel will be on an upcoming episode’, well, that happened, and it was released last week (Episode 67: Your Life’s Impact). If you missed it, go back and listen. It’s one of our favorite episodes and will change your life.


There were some powerful questions at the end of this week’s episode. How did they land with you? 


Please share any questions as well as your insights in one of our Soulful Leaders groups:

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