69: Your Ego Wants to Figure it Out, There’s a Better Way

Does your ego need a time-out so your inner leadership can get some time-in?

When you are on the surface of the water you’ll be tossed about by any weather patterns that come by. This is so often where we get stuck as leaders… and we’re taught ‘self care’ techniques like taking a bath and going to a yoga class. These are helpful, and when the s**t hits the fan; they're not the solution. 

This week Maren & Stephanie go into the inner leadership that allows leaders the space to go deep, past the choppy waters and the currents to the stillness that’s beyond the ego. This is the inner leadership of Self Love.

“The only destination worth reaching is to know and love your true self.” Stephanie Allen

Stephanie and Maren address this ‘ego’ challenge (that all leaders face) from multiple angles including: 

  • Physical issues
  • The clutter that’s left behind when someone leaves, or passes and the metaphor of clutter that’s inside us
  • The story of ‘deer’ and the ‘demon’
  • Your pain is not punishing you, could it be helping you?
  • Lynn Twist’s story of the Bird of Humanity
  • Upleveling the stories in our lives

Link to Lynn Twist talking about the Bird of Humanity Prophecy

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