71: The Shortcut to Up-Level Your Life and Business

Have you ever felt like there was something wrong with you? 

Have you ever looked at your neighbor, your boss or your partner and seen so clearly exactly what’s wrong with them?  Then you have the keys to the kingdom, the shortcut to getting everything you want… you just need to know how to those keys!

Today Stephanie and Maren have a rich conversation about the power of relationships to be mirrors for us, facilitating our evolution as human beings, as leaders, and especially as self-leaders. 

Getting curious about the things you notice about others, their strengths and weaknesses alike, tells you more about you then about them. This is the shortcut to your personal evolution. Head down today’s Soulful Leaders Podcast rabbit hole and discover the shortcut to getting everything you want in the outer world.

Learn how…

  • leadership and love are connected
  • changing one word will get you 10x more out of your team
  • the world is conspiring to your advantage
  • to grow your leadership skills exponentially
  • community and immunity are linked

Are you ready to discover your inner leadership so you can gift it to the world? We hope that you use today’s podcast as an opportunity to deepen the dialog with your inner leadership because the world really needs you now.

Today’s reflection questions:

  • What would a world look like that was ‘lead from love’? 
  • What would that mean for you? 
  • What gets in the way?


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