77: Delights in Everyday Moments

What if you weren’t running through your life trying to ‘fix’ it?

Imagine a day, a week, a year, or even a lifetime of being present to what is meant to unfold, confidently doing what you are called to do, and joyfully learning from it …with love.

Your life would be radically different.

Today, Maren and Stephanie go deeply into the interconnectedness of tolerations and delights and the choices that create your reality.  Most importantly, they share their personal practice of unfolding life with presence and love. 

How do you fill your life with the delights in everyday moments? They show up when you start being present to what is – without stories, judgment, fighting, stuffing, or fixing. This is when life gets more fulfilling, illuminated and you feel more deeply.

Are you ready for that life?

Then you are invited to join them in the Great Uplift. 12 days of co-creating the coming year… with life and spirit. This is Maren & Stephanie’s yearly practice and will completely shift how you interact with your future.

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  • 0:41   The holidays… polarities of joy & tolerations
  • 2:47   An everyday ‘Delight’ practice
  • 5:49   What are you tolerating in your life and why?
  • 7:27   Facing it puts me in choice
  • 9:23   The opportunity of tolerations.
  • 11:36  Ross Gay’s quest to find joy in everyday moments
  • 15:03  The Great Uplift – deepening your joy in 2023
  • 17:14  How do we allow ourselves to be inspired and ignited by those around us?
  • 18:55  Being present to the stories that change our lives

Book of Delights – Ross gay

The Great Uplift – co-creating your future with life and spirit

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