78: Playgrounds of Possibility with Margaux Khoury

How do you create, or run, a business while also caring for humans, helping the Earth, and at the same time have it be really successful? 

Today’s guest is an expert in that arena and her insights are amazing. She’s started and mentored multiple businesses and is passionate about this planet and all the people on board, so her start-up have featured sustainability in the forefront.

She’s also explored SO many cool things that we couldn’t help but pick her brain… we covered everything from her story of burn-out, to the pillars of life, to the benefits of unschooling her kids, to cacao rituals! This conversation is rich with tons of great tidbits.

It’s very related because we’re talking about passions. We started the podcast with passion. And you know it’s like, what, how can we empower the next generation to step into their passions more quickly than we did? ~Maren Oslac

  • 4:09   Combining business with helping the world
  • 7:52   I want to work with people who have failed
  • 11:08 The happiest people know when to quit
  • 15:32 Identifying burnout
  • 18:49 The pillars of life
  • 22:12 Unlearning to make space for who you want to become
  • 32:12 Losing faith
  • 36:51 The Cacao ceremony

It’s reprogramming ourselves instead of out of fear, and angst and pushing through to come more from a place of love and self directedness. ~Stephanie J Allen

The Great Uplift – Transform the Holidays, Transform Yourself

Movie – Earthlings

Book – The Dip – Seth Godin

Movie – Zoolander

Book – Don’t Tell Me I Can’t – Cole Summers

Book series – Land of Stories – Chris Colfer

Unschooling Movement – John Holt

Book – Free to Learn – Peter Gray

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