79: Presence… as a Present

What would your Holidays be like if you could be REALLY present?  

To the sacredness, to the people, to yourself?

It’s the season of the longest nights, the most inward time of year, and yet we push ourselves to go, and do, and buy. Stephanie and Maren talk about bringing a bit of presence to ourselves, our needs and nature’s rhythms to transform the holidays… and beyond. 

They also share their own practice of presence and invite everyone to join them for 12 Days that can shift ALL of next year.

  • 00:41   What if you could unfold your life completely different and totally in choice
  • 04:16   Presence as a present
  • 09:44   We’re conditioned, trained, OUT of listening to our rhythms.
  • 14:40  Giving yourself permission, what is nature calling you to?
  • 18:39  We can’t do anything until we are present.
  • 22:55  The 12 Days of Christmas Practice
  • 26:24  The internal result of being present

Ep 75 – Slow Learners Podcast

The Great Uplift: 12 Days of Christmas

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