81: From Caterpillar to Butterfly: Your Metamorphosis

The magic of the butterfly …it’s a future potential lying within the imaginal cells of the caterpillar, it only becomes a butterfly when transformation is triggered and the process completed. 

The perfect metaphor for us, where we are individually, and as a collective on the planet right now.  You feel it. Your own actualization process has been triggered and you are being called by your future potential. The one that already lies within you.

Today’s magical podcast not only looks at this metaphor for us as leaders and future humans, but Stephanie shares a powerful practice/journey at the end that supports our metamorphosis!

This is the perfect kick-off to a new year.

  • 03:43 Your shadow shows you your light
  • 08:30 In every fairy tale, there is a villain … 
  • 11:15 Weeds will keep on popping as long as you’re conscious
  • 15:20 Our ego walks us across the street in NYC
  • 18:00 Addicted to pain because it gives us an out
  • 22:10 Dark night of the soul, And I just jumped in there with you.
  • 24:45 Okay, I’m in my crap. What do what the heck do I do with it?
  • 26:30 The metaphor for metamorphosis
  • 33:40 Harnessing the the power of the child and teenager
  • 38:00 Embodying the butterfly
  • 44:20 Metamorphosis journey


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Metamorphosis Journey

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