86: Your Inner Pharmacy

Ready to get OFF the crazy train? Then this podcast is for you!

What would change in your life if YOU were in charge of your inner pharmacy instead of being a slave to it?  Most of the time we are at the mercy of our chemicals, an adrenalin rush triggered by stress, followed by a crash, looking for the next high, trying to create some equilibrium with yoga, meditation or working out, and then thrown off by boredom, a craving you don’t even notice or someone that cuts you off in traffic. 

“That’s essentially going and getting somebody to get drugs for you, that’s what you’re doing. You’re setting up your life, your environment, your relationships, to actually create the victim, violator and rescuer within you.” – Stephanie J Allen


Today’s podcast is a refreshing look at addiction cycles, where they exist in all of our lives (yep, you high rational achievers, too!), and how you can start to shift that old paradigm.

  • 00:41 Setting goals and insanity
  • 03:20 Goals, shame and weight
  • 09:29 Adrenaline addiction cycle, getting your fix
  • 12:00 Your wake up call
  • 16:26 Your internal pharmacy 
  • 21:01 Shifting from cost to benefit


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