90: Movies with a Message: Groundhog Day

Are you ready to get unstuck in a joyful, playful way?

As children we learned through play. Things we enjoyed and engaged us taught us about life, language, relationships and more. Then the education system stepped in and learning became work. (Check out Ep. 78 Playgrounds of Possibility for more on schooling, and unschooling)

What if learning could be fun and engaging, even as an adult? Yay! It can be. Stephanie and Maren have created a new feature “Movies with a Message” where they talk through all the goodness movies offer us, over and above their entertainment value.

This week they dive into the delightful 1993 classic, Groundhog Day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the movie or not – and beware, you will want to see it when you’re done listening.

This 1993 movie is amazingly timely today. How often do you feel like you are stuck living the same day over and over again? Trapped in the life you’ve created? Our culture is waking up and saying ‘no more’.

Groundhog Day takes us through the process of getting unstuck in a playful way – and Stephanie and Maren share insights that take you from getting unstuck to being the antidote! What did YOU notice while watching Groundhog Day? Share your thoughts (and movies you’d like to see on our list) in our Facebook or LinkedIn group.

  • 00:42 Living 90 years, or 1 year 90 times
  • 10:07 Destiny or Fate?
  • 16:07 You’re worth investing in
  • 19:29 beyond codependency, become the living antidote
  • 22:52 Movies with a Message


Ep 75: Slow Learner Podcast

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