94: Embracing Change w/Jan Hamning

Change can be invigorating, change can also be scary. How do we navigate our lives so that it’s easier to embrace change when we find ourselves on the scary side of that coin?

Today’s guest, Jan Hamning is an expert in helping people get ‘unstuck’. She, personally, loves change, and she loves helping others get comfortable with it as well. Stephanie, Jan & Maren explore everything from how best to think about this year of the water rabbit (which is indicative of fast change) to the best ways to ground your energy so that you’re not thrown off balance when things are moving quickly.

We’ve all felt ourselves stuck in patterns and this week Jan offers some easy, practical tools to address fast changes, stuck patterns and more. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and how the tools are working for you!

  • 02:33 the year of the water rabbit: rapid change & repeating patterns
  • 08:31 be the rabbit
  • 10:35 tips & tricks to embrace change
  • 29:06 help staying committed to change
  • 34:16 Five Effective Ways to Ground Your Energy


Ep 90 Movies with a Message: Groundhog Day

Jan Hamning’s Free Video: Five Effective Ways to Ground Your Energy

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