103: Success: Straight Line or Meandering Road

Sometimes we think we’ve got it all figured out and then a boomerang happens and stops us in our tracks. What then? Do you push through? Change course? How, and where, do you find answers?

Maren and Stephanie dive head first into ‘truth’ today looking for some of the answers we all seek. Even if there is a difference between ‘Truth’ (capital T) and ‘truth’ which is relative, how does it apply to your life? What does it have to do with a business plan, being a leader or the movie the Matrix?

Their conversation takes on a life of its own as an interesting and winding road. Towards the ends they share two great questions and two unusual responses.

“The things you notice in your life are in direct relationship to the questions you’re asking” ~ Maren Oslac

If you are ready for more grace and magic in your life, listen in, and share the podcast with a friend.

  • 00:41 relative truth and absolute truth
  • 06:35 the business plan
  • 09:00 RAS & the Questions running your life
  • 12:14 Kitty Litter and changing the trajectory of your business plan
  • 17:15 The alternative to: head down, butt up, go to the end at all costs.
  • 22:40 You’ve been down that road


What are the questions that are leading your life that are determining where you’re going and what you’re seeing every day? And do you want to adjust those questions?

Maren’s response to stop signs and route redirections: Interesting Creation

Stephanie’s Mantra: I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, good or bad, correct or incorrect. All I know is that I am part of a loving universe and that only good wants to happen through me. And for me. So I surrender. Help me through this or take it from me.



Ep 97 Living Your Question

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