105: What’s Calling You?

WOW! This is the beginning of the third year of the Soulful Leader Podcast. It seems like we started yesterday, and yet we’ve both changed SO much. This is an extra special episode for us because we decided to interview each other.

After two years of working together, we wanted to know what was in the other’s heart in regards to ‘next’. Too often as leaders we don’t make the time to ask, and re-ask, and re-ask. Everything is based on the initial hire, or the one time shared, stated goal. The world is on a fast track of change, so why do we assume that we remain the same, that the people around us remain the same? Why do we assume that we know what’s in the hearts of those around us?

In this episode, we peel back the layers, and the vulnerability and quest, together.

Our questions for each other take us down several very important paths, including:

– how might we measure inner progress

– what it really means to be human in this AI world

– letting go of ‘busy’ as a way of life and making space for what’s next

– how to be on the leading edge of change for this world we inhabit

And so many more.

Here are a few questions for you to breathe into, journal with or discuss for yourselves:

  • ?  As you go into this ‘next’ iteration of wherever (or whoever) you are, what’s in your heart?
  • ?  What’s calling you that feels really essential?
  • ?  What do you want to happen at a deeper level?
  • ?  What might it look like if you were really great with where you are right now?

Thanks for joining us over the past two years. We’re so looking forward to where ‘year three’ takes all of us!


Maren & Stephanie

  • 00:41 What’s calling you?
  • 02:11 What does it mean to be human in this digital, AI world?
  • 05:43 Letting go of judgment
  • 08:51 Pushing information to get your own needs met
  • 10:54 Distracting yourself from your own evolution
  • 16:01 work with a why
  • 17:35 being busy / being present
  • 22:08 flourishing in business and love and building the conversation with your future amazing self
  • 24:38 ‘Space between’ practice
  • 27:28 leading the edge of humanity
  • 32:37 more is better, unless it’s not


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