106: Your Heart as CEO

“It becomes a co-creation instead of a manipulation.” ~Stephanie Allen

Imagine a world in which everyone is empowered and co-creating. This is Soulful Leadership, and it’s what we stand for. How does one get there?

It’s a process that involves getting to know yourself, being vulnerable, being transparent and not only truly embracing your own gifts and strengths, but holding the space to empower all those around you to do the same.

This is what will change the world, and you are part of the solution.

In this week’s podcast, Maren & Stephanie talk about how we are taught to lead from our heads while Soulful Leaders actually lead from their hearts – and the impact of both. Maren shares a vulnerable story about getting defensive and then really questioning herself which leads to a great exercise at the end of the episode.

If you are tired of the old combative, competitive, authoritarian way of leading you will love today’s podcast. Going within is how you easily engage with, and connect, to your teams and the people around you; to see their gifts and strengths and enable them to follow their unique footsteps – that look different from your own. It may seem counter intuitive, and it works.

  • 00:41 Perfect in all areas
  • 10:55 Leadership means holding space, not rescuing, thanks Mama bear
  • 12:33 The power of sitting with deeper questions
  • 14:24 Exploring what wants to happen, or controlling what is
  • 18:40 The heart as the CEO
  • 25:30 Divine irritant or addiction to drama
  • 28:53 Is it True? Exercise


Is there a place where you recently reacted and had an instant, “No, that’s not true!” and got defensive in your life? (like Maren) Stop and take a look at it with a real willingness to be honest with yourself.

What if it were true? Open your Curiosity Box, and open your heart a little bit, and maybe get to know yourself a little bit more, your gifts and your strengths and all the beauty that’s in there.


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