Leadership that Blooms: Nature’s Metaphor

We all want to be accepted, to be included and to feel safe.

We most often find that security and belonging with people who are like us. It’s where we’re comfortable and it’s easy to be ourselves. The challenge, especially for leaders, is that this creates a ‘monoculture’, and it comes at a cost. Creating a world of people who are like ‘me’ means we think the same, there’s little to challenge us, and most importantly, it’s NOT where growth happens. It’s not where scaling up and reaching all of the possibilities that we’re meant to step into happens.

The cost of monocultures is most easily observed in nature which is the exact metaphor Maren & Stephanie explore in today’s insightful podcast. Everything you need as a leader can be found in nature and discovering her (nature’s) open secrets is the quickest way to having the abundant life we seek.

If you are ready to be surrounded by the most productive and most beautiful world and change the trajectory of the old ‘one-size-fits-no-one’ leadership, then today’s podcast is for you.

  • 09:36 Complexity gets a bad rap, the cost of monocultures
  • 15:56 Moving out of the comfort zone, planting diversity
  • 20:37 Shamed for our gifts, let’s grow collaboration
  • 24:41 Hidden superpowers, celebrating the oak


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Finding the Mother Tree (25:25)

Find Your Genius (29:09)

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