112: Trust and Flow

We’ve all had those moments in our lives when everything feels ‘right’, we are totally engrossed in what we are doing and completely in sync with life – it’s magical. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls this the flow state, the optimal experience in life.

Our challenge is two fold. One, how do we create this state of flow ‘at will’ instead of stumbling across it now and again? And two, how do we maintain it once we get there?

Stephanie and Maren directly connect trust to our pursuit of flow in today’s short, powerful podcast. Using examples from poker champion, Phil Ivey, to the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, this week’s podcast is not only engaging but will leave you with keys for shifting your own life towards more flow.

“It can be joyful, even when it’s hard.” – Stephanie Allen

  • 00:41 How trust is related to flow
  • 04:44 Inner awareness, imagination and the secret to not aging
  • 07:47 Decisions from a place of trust and flow, and then things go sideways
  • 14:01 Your winning formula, creating real transformation
  • 19:34 The two hardest moments and how to know you’re in flow

“When I know I am in flow, is when there’s both effort, and sweetness.” – Maren Oslac


MasterClass  (01:01) app

I Get To vs I Have To (14:58) podcast EP15 Stories We Tell Ourselves: Redefining Our Truth

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once (16:25) movie

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect (17:48) podcast  Episode 39, “Matt Damon, Kintsugi and a Set of Dishes”


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