114: Intentional Leadership: Shaping Future Generations w/Barbara Miller (& Zeffy)

How do you balance opposites? Especially as a leader. A challenge comes up and it gets polarized. It becomes one of two things, ‘push through’, or ‘it’s not meant to be’. How do we find the ‘in-between’? Barbara Miller walks that path both personally and as a leader. She holds a fierce intention and shows up very gently, with curiosity and space. If we could bottle Barb, we would. We’ve done the next best thing, we’ve interviewed her.

“Just looking around, what does the community that I’m fortunate enough to live in need? And how can I help make that happen?” ~Barbara Miller

Stephanie and Maren talk to Barb about her background in education, the not-for-profit sector and working with leadership groups as well as the practices she uses for navigating tough leadership challenges (breathe 15:33), advice for current leaders (Eagle Eye 17:33) and her amazing new book for inspiring future fierce, loving leaders (Zig Zag Zeffy 23:56).

If you’ve ever wanted to take a step up in your ability to be a compassionate, impactful, soulful leader, you will want to listen to today’s episode.

“Working with children being around animals, I think they got it right.”  ~Barbara Miller

  • 02:35 Barb on being a Soulful Leader
  • 11:24 Setting expectations
  • 14:42 Addressing challenging leadership situations
  • 21:01 Whose version of potential? How to hold space to empower instead of control
  • 22:24 The Great Mystic, Zeffy

“Putting all of who I am, what I’ve lived, what is important to me together, I went right straight to a children’s story.” ~Barbara Miller


Zig Zag Zeffy Book  Amazon USA, Amazon CA, Barnes & Noble

Meet Zeffy in Person Book Launch (Halifax Nova Scotia, CA) OC Publishing


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