118: All-In AND Completely Detached

As leaders we’re expected to be “all-in”, that’s the minimum, so what does that mean in today’s culture and what about the cost(s)? Based on quiet quitting and the proliferation of help wanted signs, the business pendulum seems to be swinging in the opposite direction. Is there a middle road, one where ‘all-in’ isn’t a recipe for burnout and illness, and detachment doesn’t mean going away or giving up? If so, how do we access it?

Stephanie and Maren have been talking about alternatives to the old ‘push, strive, make things happen’ paradigm, and today’s podcast explores yet another important aspect – how to be ‘all-in’ without losing your life. They discuss navigating the popular ‘letting go and trusting the unknown’ thought process, especially for those who are responsible for making things happen as well as many other aspects of this fascinating subject.

“My sense of self was dependent on whether I made this goal or not.”  ~Maren Oslac

Leadership has been following a path that is no longer working. Looking to the past for answers is a recipe for more of the same. It’s time to radically change “business as usual” to be business as UNusual. It’s time to let go of the suffering we were told was necessary and embrace what Maren & Stephanie call ‘holding things lightly’.

  • 00:41 Buddha: suffering comes from attachment
  • 06:04 Setting internal structures to foster success instead of leadership failures and a deteriorated sense of self
  • 11:17 The arrogance of ‘making’ things happen and the magic of ‘making’ space
  • 17:00 Beyond conditioning, building the skill of daily surprise and delight
  • 20:31 What does your future self have to say about it?

“Receptivity requires space and consciousness and a skill to actually be present and be still.” ~Stephanie Allen

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