119: Burdens to Blessings

We’re not meant to do it all. Yet society tells us the opposite. 

Throughout school we’re expected to do well in all subjects and to work harder where we are weak. At work, the expectation is the same – be good at all aspects, dig in where we’re weak. This training has created a siloed and separated society where asking for help feels, at best, taboo.

The reality is that each of us brings unique gifts and blessings that are meant to be shared, to compliment those of the people around us. We are meant to do what we are best at, not struggle with our weaknesses. We are meant to ask for help and to be in community.

Some businesses are FINALLY moving from a place of worshiping the siloed, ‘do it ourselves’, ‘we’re all competitors’, ‘wipe out every every other living thing that might possibly compete with us’, to a new way of doing business which is collaborative, cooperative and co-creative.

Stephanie and Maren expose the responsibility of leaders to put collaboration and cooperation at the front of the line. Their insights will help every leader replace the old ‘prove yourself’ model with one of embracing genius and building relationships. Today’s podcast debunks the myths and puts a clear new path on the table with great examples and wonderful exercises.

It’s time for leadership to step up.

“Having somewhere where you actually need someone’s help allows a relationship to unfold.” ~ Stephanie Allen

  • 00:41 The ‘doing it all’ juggling act
  • 02:58 Asking for help, or not – what do you tell yourself?
  • 08:56 Being in service – how does that make you feel?
  • 11:19 Intimacy: a superpower in business
  • 16:09 The fast track to enlightenment
  • 18:50 It’s a choice

05:05 Kintsugi Podcast: Ep 39 Matt Damon, Kintsugi & A Set of Dishes
16:44 “The Next Buddha will be a Sangha.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


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