Season Two is on the Horizon


Sometimes things take longer than anticipated. Have you experienced that?

We thought we’d have a brief two week break, and here we are in week three. So what does that mean, and what is happening behind the scenes?

When there’s a delay in delivery, most teams point fingers, assign blame and sacrifice each other to find the quickest way to get “back on track”. Here at the Soulful Leader Podcast, none of that comes into play, we move in a different direction – we look for possibility.

Let’s look at why.

Our base operating assumption about life is different. We assume that we live in a friendly universe (thank you Einstein) and that everything happens for a reason that benefits us. Because we start from a different base, we naturally see a different perspective. It puts us in a place to look for opportunities, ask uplifting questions and move forward more easily.

Imagine a world where all hiccups led not to shame or blame, but to exploring possibilities!

“Possibility is a language of creation.”

~ Benjamin Zander

We recently saw this brilliant TED Talk by the composer Benjamin Zander. In it he talks about the difference between positive mindset and possibility, which is, in an of itself, a wonderful discourse.

There’s also a larger context to it. He’s really addressing the lens though which we see life, the ‘base’ that we mentioned above. Seeing possibility is beyond a positive mindset, it’s coming from a different place entirely. You must believe first.

Our society has it backwards. We’re taught that seeing is believing. This leads to limits, blame and shame. When you flip that core understanding to how life really works – that belief comes FIRST and our beliefs create what we see – that’s where possibility turns our lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

This week, that’s what we’ve been doing at the Soulful Leader Podcast – we’ve been playing in the beautiful language of creation: possibility.

We hope you enjoy Benjamin Zander’s Ted Talk as much as we did.

See you next week!

In Gratitude,
Maren & Stephanie