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4-week Program

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Inner Mastery Series

For Personal Leadership

30 minutes a day to connect to a more peaceful, productive you.

1 Month Self-Care Refresh


Each week you’ll get:

  • 5 full days of support
  • 2 days of 30 minute live sessions
  • 3 days of treats: support videos, meditations and/or practices
  • Connection with an inspiring community





Take Care of Yourself

so you can

Take Care of Business

Success as a Reflection of how you invest in your Wellbeing

It’s been said that “how we do one thing, is how we do everything.”

If you want your impact in serving others to flourish, it’s imperative to take care of you.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs are struggling to find balance as the boundary between work and home have merged into one. Being home has opened your eyes to what is most important to you. You know the slower pace of life has allowed you to connect more deeply in a way that gives you energy. Life changes such as less commuting time, eating 3 meals a day (which never happened pre-pandemic) and getting in touch with what is really important: family, friends, health, and freedom has you wondering, “do I really want to return to my old life?”

Woman at table with laptop and baby

You’re pretty confident that your “old way” of being in relationship with your life is no longer working, but you’re uncertain on what the new rhythm of work/life will be.

After this past year you know you can no longer be two different people: the “work you” and the “at home you.” Managing these two lives is taking up too much space and costing you energy. Deep inside you are longing for connection with the real freedom to be who you really are, and to have a life that nourishes success in both worlds.

Yet where do you begin?
How do you stop a habit that you have practiced and invested in for all those years?
It’s time to find a new way that puts you in the picture.

The good news is, there is a way to receive the guidance you need to unite both worlds. The Inner Mastery Series can help you gain momentum towards a life that uplifts, giving you the time, energy and space to choose a new way that aligns with your values and goals.

It’s not easy to say “good-bye” to the old way of being, but it’s required if we are to lead from a place of love for those we inspire. This is why in the Inner Mastery Series we support you with the practices and the community, all while giving you the tools to help you confidently move towards your ideals.

If you are longing to find transformation/restoration and searching for the tools to discover a new way of connecting to strengthen inner resiliency and rise above stress, join us for this 30 day Inner Mastery series.

man and woman high five at work table

You are worth investing in.

It’s time to create your rhythm (Eating, Sleeping, Breathing, Moving) to lay the foundation for your new, empowered, energized future. We’re here to make that your reality.

Research has shown that Leaders and Entrepreneurs are:

  • Twice as likely to suffer from depression
  • Six times more likely to suffer from ADHD
  • Three times more likely to suffer from substance abuse
  • Seventy percent more likely to suffer from sleep deprivation

Research also shows that Leaders and Entrepreneurs are at a higher risk of being overweight, which can lead to health complications such as:

  • Cardiovascular diseases (mainly heart disease and stroke)
  • Diabetes
  • Musculoskeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis)
  • and some Cancers (including endometrial, breast, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney, and colon).

What is it costing you?


Risk of Loss of Productivity When Eating Unhealthy


Risk of Loss of Productivity When Not Exercising


Entrepreneurs Affected by Mental Health and Burnout.


Risk of Sleep Related Disease

That’s like losing…

  • $922 a week for a company making under 100,000 a year.
  • $1153 a week for a company making 100,000 a year.
  • $3846 a week for a company making 500,000 year.
  • $115384 a week for a company making over a million.


  • The loss of being with your family because you are working HARDER.
  • The Missed sports games.
  • Date nights with your spouse.
  • The stress you bring home and take out on your family without even realizing it.
  • The OVER $10,000 a year extra you have to pay on Health care fees (Which is the world average).
Mom working from home with two kids playing

Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV, and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death,” says James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, in an interview with the LA Times. “The chair is out to kill us.

Metabolism slows down 90 percent after 30 minutes of sitting. The enzymes that move the bad fat from your arteries to your muscles, where it can get burned off, slow down. The muscles in your lower body are turned off. And after two hours, good cholesterol drops 20 percent

-Gavin Bradley, director of Active Working

Week 1: Eat

What’s eating you?
What are you hungry for?

Dive into the relationship between how you nourish yourself and care for others.

Week 2: Sleep

Permission to rest without guilt.

This is the #1 Challenge for Leaders.

Week 3: Breathe

How you breathe is how you live.

Learn to live well.

Week 4: Move

When you are stuck in your body, you’re stuck in your life.

Release the blocks and find your sweet spot.

The Inner Mastery Series is Perfect for:

  • Therapists
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Team Leaders

Commitment: One month (four weeks)

Monday: 30 minute in-person group zoom (lesson)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: each day receive one or more of the following:

  • Mindful exercise
  • Audio Meditation
  • Journalling exercise
  • Nature/Recreation connection

Friday: 30 minute in-person group zoom (review and Q & A)


  • Creating your personal Work-Life Balance that increases your energy and effectiveness
  • Discharge the tension in your mind and body so you can get real, restorative sleep, strengthen your immune system, reduce illness and promote your productivity.
  • Increase your resiliency so you can respond easily to serve the needs of your team, family and clients


  • Stephanie and Maren deliver a powerful combination of self-directed exercises and live “online” sessions consisting of high-level practices to replenish both your inner and outer connections
  • You’ll experience simple practices that will improve your life that you can also share with your loved ones
  • 4 weeks of impactful, easy self-care with 30 minutes of attention per day


  • 8 Live Zoom 30 minute sessions with Maren and Stephanie
  • 4 Audio Meditations (15-20 min)
  • 4 Deep dive self-care/awareness connection exercises and/or interview with an expert
  • 4 Re-creation with play (true nature) exercises
  • Linkedin group for ongoing support, communication and connection.

**All offerings will be recorded and each participant will have access to all resources via our website.


$297 USD/person

Are you ready to invest in your entire team?

We’d love to get everyone feeling great and doing their best work.

Contact us for pricing and options.

4-week Program


What People Are Saying

Learning about my staff has been extremely helpful. Knowing where their talents are, their enjoyments and their strengths. Now I feel like I can direct things their way where they’ll be happier and enjoy their work more which makes them more efficient, etc.

Personally, knowing what I need to do in the back of my head (based on TV or books), now that I have a firmer planted seed and access to the resources that you’re offering, it’s really making the time to focus on the path ahead.

Carys Wood

Executive Director, CBDC Cumberland

I thought what you actually did with me was incredibly powerful. You really lead me deeper and deeper inside myself to see what the pieces were that were in my way, or that I needed to acknowledge. It shifted stuff, in a big way, both in the money world and in taking my career to the next level. I’m really deeply grateful.

Lisa Michaels

Entrepreneur Mentor

The experience was great and I loved the interaction between the two facilitators. I no longer rush making decisions. I learned to “breathe” and think it out and I’m actually taking the time to walk outside or away from what the issue is and refocus. Thank you, I look forward to when you offer other workshops.

Heidi Wagner

Executive Director, CBDC Shelburne

Stephanie Allen’s workshops truly helped our employees achieve a work-life balance by creating visions for both their professional and personal lives and by identifying the best use of their time, energy and knowledge to accomplish their goals. Stories of Stephanie’s own personal journey, combined with her boundless energy and true passion to help others find personal empowerment, were instrumental in inspiring our employees to realize their ideal lives and go for it!

Linda Townsend

Marketing Director & Business Owner

I have gained clarity around the Why and How I do things and I am amazed at the potential this can carry in my personal and professional life. The most surprising manifestation is getting invited to make a presentation to colleagues at a National Convention the morning after Stephanie encouraged me to consider public speaking!

Dr. Marie-Josée Robichaud

Expert Facilitators

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Allen

Gateway Wellness & Leadership Development

Co-host of the weekly The Soulful Leader Podcast, Stephanie J Allen has been a Therapist, Instructor, Published Author and award winning Speaker for over two and a half decades.

As an Entrepreneur Consultant and President of Gateway Development Inc, she has worked with some of the world’s top companies on Corporate Health & Wellbeing, Stress Management, and in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes.

Stephanie has helped thousands of clients live an Inspired Life aligned with love, purpose and contribution. She offers energizing and empowering sessions to transform team culture. Enhancing healthy relationships by recognizing strengths, leveraging value and creating awareness that optimizes impact potential and results for both life and business.

Maren Oslac

Heart & Sole Dance

Co-host of the weekly The Soulful Leader Podcast, Maren Oslac is the Founder and Chief Education Officer at Heart & Sole Dance, a transformational ballroom studio outside of Chicago.

She is also a business disrupter transforming the old school ‘push-your-way-through-to-get-ahead’ business paradigm to one of flow and grace, using the fundamental concepts of couples dancing.

Maren’s triple career as a champion dancer, preeminent educator and serial entrepreneur coalesced into “Dance With Life” a one-of-kind program that breaks the “efforting for success trap” that influential leaders struggle to escape. With her professional certification from Entrepreneurs Institute, Maren works with businesses of all levels from Solo-preneurs to Corporations.

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