36: Differences & Conflict

“You're not hearing me.” 
How often have you said that? Certain that you were right.
How often have you heard that from someone else? Someone who felt just as certain.

We all dig in. And then our thoughts are like a runaway train. Our feelings get involved. It becomes personal.

As leaders, it's our job to be the peacemaker, take the higher road. It's not so easy to do. We get tweaked by our teams, spouses, our children and despite our best intentions, devolve into rigidity.

Maren & Stephanie open their hearts on this topic, share some personal stories and go in depth into a few exercises to quickly shift us out the mental and emotional knots that conflict can cause.

If you are exhausted and worn down by the constant right/wrong, good/bad polarity thinking, and you are ready for an alternative, this podcast is for you.

A few of this weeks highlights:

  • getting off the 'thought/feeling/thought/feeling runaway train 
  • transcending the blame-shame game
  • 3 steps to shift out of conflict in a moment
  • turning fight or flight into creativity
  • practicing love as a regular way of being
  • find the light in the dark & the dark in the light exercise
  • creating space in your internal junk drawer
  • the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee
  • living in a kind a loving body

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