Stephanie and Maren work with leaders who are ready to make a shift in themselves and their businesses.

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DIY & Workshops

Why do we get stuck? Not knowing where we want to go, or knowing and feeling thwarted in our efforts. Why do we keep falling in the same patterns of habit?  And how can we change it in a way that inspires us instead of shames us?

Each of us has a unique way of learning, leading, loving and living. When you connect to YOUR unique Way, you not only reduce stress in your life, achieving your goals gets easier AND more joyful. Whether financial, career, relationship, or health related, your birthright is to not only meet, but exceed your milestones… and make the impact that brings meaning and fulfillment.

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The Soulful Leader Podcast with hosts Stephanie Allen and Maren Oslac

The Soulful Leader Podcast

Our podcast offers a bevy of material in easy to digest chunks. A new 20-30 minute episode is published every week. We also have occasional special guest segments to inspire and support.

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Graphic of four types of genius

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You’re a hard worker. You’re constantly on the go. Busy is your modus operandi.

In your business, you’re the marketing specialist, accountant, salesperson, and CEO. And you’re probably trying to balance all that with family time and your own health.

You’re tired of the price you’re paying.

There is another way that gives you fulfillment, time and energy.

When we work with you, we

  • Help you find, and use, your natural flow state to shift life as you know it
  • Teach you to connect to your deeper reason for being to find the meaning that has eluded you
  • Show you how to dance with life, making space for the magical, all-lit-up future that wants to happen

If you’re looking for the ‘next’ external thing to do to make your life rich and meaningful, you will keep creating the same old, same old.

We help you shift the paradigm and claim the truly rich and meaningful life that is yours, and just waiting for you.

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Corporations & Government

Your work feels like it is out of alignment with your vision and values. You are ready to bridge the disparity between the person you are at work and the person you are at home, to embrace being part of the solution. Where do you turn? The old school way of doing things is no longer working, trust is lacking and human capital is both exploited and undervalued. In this world, everything suffers, including the planet that supports us.

There is a better way.

We are dedicated to enlighten people in the field of Human Behaviour with effective communication practices to inspire company culture and impact. With its proven effects to bring to your professional and personal life both income and impact with joy.

Clarity, Connection and Commitment is SIMPLE, it’s just not EASY! To assist you in connecting with guidance for shifting gears, we have some awesome free stuff to help you begin the shift from looking outward, to inward. Tune into the Soulful Leader Podcast with new episodes each week and special guest segments to inspire and support. Take a moment to find your personal genius, the first step to getting into flow.

Ready for more? Let us assist you in connecting by choice and not by chaos.

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