47: Tamera Sutton: Flip the Script and Own Your Destiny

Be forewarned, this episode is deeply moving.  Tamera Sutton’s story resonates deeply. There are many universal truths that were unearthed in this recording.

As an overworked, undervalued mom of two, trying to do it all, Tamera found a lump on her breast. She wasn’t given a break, and instead was asked to do more, come in and work overtime to catch up, plus see her doctors, try to heal and keep all the balls in the air.

After standing up for herself and quitting, she got caught in her own doubt and gave into the voices that told her that she wasn’t enough. The mental demons took over. What happened next is inspiration for all of us who’ve ever been caught in that downward, mental spiral, unsure where to turn or how to get out.

Tamera is a true ‘nurse for the human spirit’ and hearing her story WILL help you find a different story, and your own inner champion. She is a pioneer, standing for herself and for others, and making changes where others just walk away.

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If you’d like to connect with Tamera, you can find her here:
      All Women Rock Global
      Wealth & Wellness Podcast

Where is it in your life that you’re stuck? Where you could use some help ‘flipping of the script’? Let’s work as a community and make sure no one is out there trying to push through ‘solo’.

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Born and raised in Memphis, TN  Tamera Sutton always felt like there was not enough diversity among women in the South. Instead of leaving her hometown she created the change she wanted to see and Memphis Women Rock was born. After several successful diverse events she decided to take the brand further and All Women Rock Global was started in 2018.

As a CEO, Podcast Host, and Event Creator Tamera’s entrepreneur journey has included many setbacks, health issues, and failures along with success. She utilizes the strength and momentum gained through her personal triumphs to inspire women with her Wealth and Wellness podcast by All Women Rock .

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