49: Who is Defining Your Success? (Success: part 1)

Your life has been defined by someone else’s version of success.
You know this. You may deny it, and part of you knows the truth.

Your definition of success was being shaped for you before you could form a sentence. Some of the influences were subtle, some glaringly obvious. As you’ve become more aware of yourself, you’ve started to question your own assumptions.

~ Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re a high achiever who always needs to up the ante to feel remotely satisfied, and even that is elusive. 
~ Or maybe, you found yourself mastering something that would make your parents happy, but it’s leaving you empty. 
~ Or you’ve hit all the benchmarks, ticked all the boxes and realized there’s still something missing.

How do we find our own version of success, the inner fulfillment we truly seek? 

Not an easy question. Acknowledging that success may mean more than you were trained to believe is a great place to start. Take a journey with Maren and Stephanie as they discuss old rules of success, explore new paradigms of potential AND open a path to finding your own, personal success story.

A few highlights:

  • Being told what success is, and achieving every bit of it
  • Our opinions are formed for us
  • The high achiever’s addiction
  • Survival of the fittest is a lie
  • Busting the myth
  • The benefits of jealousy
  • Finding your OWN success

‘I was clever. So I wanted to change the world. And now I am wise and I changed myself.’ ~Rumi

Your question this week…
what it would mean to you to be successful in yourself, on the inside?

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