141: Finding Your Flow- Blaze Energy

There’s a genius in all of us, how do we unlock it?

This is such a critical question for ourselves AND our businesses Maren & Stephanie have dedicated 6 full podcasts to this question, and exploring answers.

There’s tons and tons of business advice out there, everyone telling you ‘do this, do that’. Yet it may not be right for you, your unique genius. How can you tell? Over 6 episodes Stephanie and Maren go through how to know who you are (your genius), how to build a top level team (adding complimentary geniuses) and which ‘guru’s advice’ is best for you to follow.

Ep 139 explores the role of profile tests in our lives and businesses – how best to use them to get real traction, and the profile test that Stephanie and Maren use as a tool in their own business and with clients. Ep 140, 141, 142 & 143 dive into the different Genius energies Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel. And Ep 144 brings it all together with the ‘Why’ element. Click here to see all currently published episodes in one place.

Today’s podcast focuses on Blaze energy, the people around us who are like the pollinators in nature. Is this you? Is it someone around you? You’ll want to know so you can tap into that genius and collaborate with the best people to make your business bloom!

  • 01:06 Genius and Business
  • 03:05 Is judgment keeping you from your Genius
  • 05:51 Successful businesses have each energy
  • 09:01 Blaze Energy Attributes
  • 12:19 Are you following advice that’s right for you?
  • 16:10 Creating a brilliant, effective team
  • 18:52 The Relationship between Flow and Genius in business
  • 23:25 Collaboration


01:47 Barbara Sher book: Refuse to Choose

04:06 Blog Post: Which Personality Test is Best for Your Business?

04:35 Business Profiling Tool: Wealth Dynamics

25:48 Free Assessment


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