The Soulful Leader Podcast

with Stephanie J. Allen & Maren Oslac

bless your mess

the hidden gift of clutter

How your clutter can help you live your dreams

free 30 minute webinar

wednesday october 13

6:00PM CST / 8:00PM AST

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Want to know a bit more about William? He shares his insights and some great stories with Stephanie and Maren in this episode of the Soulful Leader Podcast.

Join Stephanie J. Allen & Maren Oslac, hosts of The Soulful Leader Podcast, in a live session with Feng Shui expert William Brisson.

Together we will explore the significance of clutter, why it happens and how it may be guiding you.

This complimentary 30 minute session will offer you tips and guidance to discover insights into the gift that clutter may be offering you.

You will receive the following:

  • Practice to move the mess with 1/2 the stress
  • An opportunity to get a direct experience with William’s guidance
  • Tips to lift up your energy so you can focus

NO more Anxiety or Shame: Find Peace with your Place!

When clutter and disarray happen, it’s easy to beat yourself up. These toxic thoughts about ourselves lead to frustration and fatigue when we think of clutter in our home or at work. This doesn’t have to be your truth.

What if clutter could help you to connect to your inner guidance?

Learning more about your clutter and where it is located can offer valuable insights to help you with your goals so you can live your dreams.