Feng Shui – Clearing the Way for Success

As soulful leaders, we want to be in the right place… in our hearts, in our souls and with others.

William Brisson, Master healer and Feng Shui expert, helps us clear the path for success and open up possibilities – both personally and professionally.

In today’s Soulful Leaders Podcast Stephanie and Maren talk to William about:

  • How we are unconsciously affected by our environments, AND what to do about it
  • The science behind Feng Shui
  • Why multiple businesses fail in a particular location and how to change the dynamic to create success
  • Practical solutions to clear areas of stuckness in life (and the clutter in our homes)
  • How the inner creates the outer and the sacred relationship between us and our spaces

William also:

  • Takes everyone through a brief visualization with direct applications
  • Tells the story of a NYC wellness center that was stuck being a box factory
  • Shares his passion for working with families
  • Explains why our struggles might not be about us, but someone else’s energy in which we are living/working

At the end, Maren & Stephanie talk William into doing a free, 30-minute session with The Soulful Leader Podcast audience!  Details are at www.TheSoulfulLeaderPodacst.com

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