Establish Your Olympic Mindset

What do you love so much that if you fell, you’d get back up? 

As a leader, what would make you feel inspired by your own life AND how do you inspire the people around you to that level?

Moving toward the highest possibility takes both training and a practiced mindset. What if you could wake up each day thinking “I get to do this, instead of I have to do this? Would your life be different?

This week, Maren & Stepanie discuss the powerful subject of human potential and mastery that is in the forefront of our minds in this year of the Olympics. A few of the highlights that they cover:

  • the incredible level of human potential that is possible
  • Two things that define excellence
  • Does love factor into the equation?
  • How to make something that’s a 1-2 into an 8-9
  • The keys to the kingdom – it’s not about you
  • Practical ways to move towards who you want to be
  • 4 levels of competence 

If you are ready to be better instead of bitter, to look for, and live into, the higher story of your life and business, make time to listen to this week’s The Soulful Leader Podcast.

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