Curiosity that Transforms: The Art of Empowering Questions

Are you ready to uplevel your life and your business?

It’s simple. it’s NOT easy. 

It takes commitment and focused attention. As a leader,  you know those are two rare commodities in today’s business culture.  But you think the answer is ‘out there’ – a better mousetrap, better people, better systems. What if the answer is as simple as asking a better question?

We all know someone for whom life seems effortless. They find the best parking spots are always in the right place at the right time and when problems come up, they seem to float through them.  Hello leaders! This is our ideal – set the vision and head straight towards the goal, no detours. 

The problem is, life doesn’t work like that. How does life work?  What will get us to the vision in our hearts? And what is the easier way to get there?

This week, Maren and Stephanie share one of their secret superpowers: the art and science of using empowering questions. As stated above, simple and not easy. 

Are you a leader who is interested in: 

  • Harnessing the abundance created in nature?
  • Using the brain’s question-answering faculty to your advantage?
  • Transforming your life and your business?
  • Experimenting with finding faults vs finding flow?

If you are, you will find that life becomes joy-filled, friendly and endlessly engaging. Your life IS the answer to the questions you’ve been asking, so are you ready join the movement, ask more empowered questions and uplevel your life and business?

We can’t wait!

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