Life Didn’t Come With A Manual

Life did not come with a manual. 
Business comes with too many. 
How do we find our way? 

Today’s episode explores the challenges, and benefits, of living in the unknown. It delves into empowering leaders in their ‘quest’ in life. 

There was an amazing response to last week’s episode so this week, we continue the conversation, answer your questions and take the discussion to a deeper level. 

In a society where leaders are expected to know what to do, have all the answers AND are judged at every turn – it’s time to re-tool our beliefs about business, and about life. Our Soulful Leaders are ready for a less destructive, more empowered way.

There are many roads to Rome, and the regular practice of empowering questions is one of the most grace-filled, joyful and uplifting that we’ve found.

If you’d like to listen to last week’s podcast that introduces empowering questions, you can do so here: Curiosity that Transforms: Empowering Questions

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