Pain and Opportunity

What if you could change your relationship with pain and make it your ally?

Pain can feel like an overwhelming obstacle in life – mental, physical or emotional – it can kick our butts and put us on the sidelines. But what if we could change our relationship with pain and make it our ally? 

Maren & Stephanie share concrete examples from their own lives (shoulder pain and financial stress) and give supportive alternatives to the western hemisphere’s ‘ignore then medicate’ ways of handling pain.

  • 1:22    Is there a reason pain shows up in our lives?
  • 4:25    You’re smart enough, if you could have figured it out, you would have
  • 7:45    Ignoring the signs then trying to ‘fix the problem’ – there IS an alternative 
  • 11:00  Stephanie’s money pain causes sleeplessness
  • 12:35  Do not ignore this any longer
  • 13:35  The key to the next level
  • 14:30   Increasing your own impact

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