Divine DNA – You Are More Than You Were Taught

If you could have the life that you wanted instead of the life that you created, what would that look like?

We grow up trained by society’s mandates and expectations and very few have the luxury of even questioning them.  What if there is more??? More to us, more out there???

If we are lucky, we feel that inner pull, the longing that starts us questioning. We realize that we KNOW there’s something more. 

Join Stephanie and Maren for this riveting discussion about what is possible beyond the life society trains us to accept.

  • 2:00     Could great beauty help us discover our reason for being? 
  • 3:50     Going beyond the life dictated by society
  • 4:55     Is getting out of bed every morning a chore, or a joy?
  • 5:30     Hot stuff
  • 7:15     Defined by the positions we have, or the possessions we hold 
  • 8:15     The secret to making magic happen
  • 9:20     Quick and easy escape from FEAR
  • 13:55   Step by step tools to step into the magic of life
  • 15:45   Stop, drop and breathe
  • 16:30   This is the new leadership

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