Flow: Your Path of Least Resistance

What if life really could be easier and more joyful?
Why do we dismiss the things that come easily and naturally to us? 
Finding your ‘flow’ is finding your personal path of least resistance. This not only affects you, but has an impact on everyone around you. Stephanie and Maren bust success myths and lay the groundwork for a new, empowering and graceful way of being in this week’s impactful podcast.

  • 2:00   We are all meant to be in our own, unique flow
  • 5:30   Modeling a new way: leave behind the work harder/longer/not good enough paradigm
  • 9:00   The high cost of our beliefs about success
  • 13:30  Being in flow is a process
  • 14:05  My ‘shoulds’ are someone else’s gifts/strengths
  • 15:30  Rising tide lifts all boats, you have permission to really rise
  • 17:40  Breaking the downward cycle and feeding the upward cycle?
  • 19:20  Three practical tips to Implement today.

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