Depleted to Energized: Shifting the Paradigm

How much of your day is spent doing things you 'should' do that bog you down and steal your energy?  Our culture has taught us that’s just the way life is, it’s got to get done. What if you could shift that reality and bring more joy into your life?  Would you be willing?  

Stephanie and Maren share key insights on this old way of interacting with the world and offer two thoughtful questions to help shift you to a more fulfilling paradigm.

  • 1:30    Your relationship with expectations
  • 3:10    SHAME (Should Have Already Mastered Everything) vs. allowing surprise and delight
  • 4:28    Taking on what is NOT yours to do & why did I say yes?
  • 7:25    Freeing up the space for what you do best
  • 8:05    Where am I a cranky-pus?
  • 10:30  Francine manifests freedom
  • 11:50  Creating a new world of collaboration, recognition and scaling up

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