7 Lies Keeping You Stuck (and How to Break Free)

Society has lied to you, and the cost is higher than you want to consider.  

We swallow the lies whole.

We don’t even realize that they are lies.

And they are costing us EVERYTHING.

It’s time to break free from the lies and claim the greatness WITHOUT the pushing, clawing and fighting that has you exhausted and depleted. 

There’s something unique and beautiful about you and it’s essential in the world at this moment. But the world has dismissed it AND shamed you into hiding those very gifts. The world is wrong. 

In this episode, Maren and Stepanie tackle this societal shaming head-on and give practical tools to pull your gifts out of the shadow and set you free to thrive.

  •  7 lies you’re sold that keep you from finding, and embracing, your flow in life, things like “stop being lazy” “you have to work on the things you’re NOT good at” “asking for help is cheating” and 4 more (2:20)
  • free flow profile assessment (12:00)
  • what is your core energy profile? (13:30)
  • two questions to get you instantly more in flow (22:10)

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