Your Inner Team Of Awesomeness

What do the top 500  most successful people have in common?  According to Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich, one of the things they all had in common was having an inner mastermind.

This episode explores the power of the inner from a leadership perspective. (Yes, YOU are a leader – even a 1st grader has someone who is looking up to him/her). What impact does your inner world have on your outer? How do you create a supportive inner environment? 

Maren & Stephanie dive deeply into several key elements, share their own inner mastermind stories and teach you how to create your personal inner team of awesomeness. 

  • 1:12     The inner world you cultivate can help you get into flow
  • 3:50     Leaders have SO much to do, we’re meant to do it together
  • 6:00     Creating the inner environment
  • 7:30     There’s a higher version within
  • 13:30  Flow and working hard: finding your joyful fully alive, all lit up life
  • 15:30  How do you know something better isn’t coming?
  • 19:00  Creating your own inner board of directors
  • 25:00  Filling your gas tank to be/become an empowered leader

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